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Värmland is often called Sweden in miniature and it certainly lives up to that in many ways. With a population density of only 17/sq km compared with about 395/sq km in Netherlands and England, it’s a comparatively peaceful and quiet place to be. It offers great nature, vast areas of forest with river valleys carving though the hills and lowlands. The region is home to many species of birds and animals including beaver, elk, bear, wolf and lynx. Even the elusive wolverine has been spotted on rare occasions in the forests around Ekshärad in recent years.
Come at the right time and you will find wild food in abundance, mushrooms, lingon, blueberries, cloud berries to name but a few.

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Klarälvdalen, The Clear River Valley, offers many opportunities for you to further enjoy your visit. We can provide fishing permits for Klarälven and a number of other great fishing spots in the area.

Did you know that there is an on-going project to bring back salmon to Klarälven? Quite a number of salmon were released into Klarälven during the summer of 2011, 54 were put into the water at the beach at Byns.

The quiet local roads and tracks are great for exploring by cycle. Why not make a day trip and cycle or drive out to the Moose Park? There, you can have a really close encounter with the King of the Forest.

Want to cross country ski in the summer? Torsby Ski tunnel offers just that! Around 2 km of indoor skiing. Used by several National Teams.

Fancy a swim on a hot day? You can of course take your morning dip from the beach at Byns, visit the pool in Hagfors or you can drive to Sunne’s Water Park and spend a day enjoying the facilities there.

Want to see and know more about the local nature? Then a wildlife safari out into the forests, with local guide, will give you chance to learn more and, with luck, see elk in their natural environment.

Want a bird’s-eye view of Klarälven? We normally have helicopter rides a couple of times during the summer each year.

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